Fried calamars with salt and pepper


20 minutes preparation
10 minutes cooking time
For 4 people : 

1kg small calamars cleaned and cut into slices
2 soup spoons La Baleine fine sea salt
3 soup spoons white pepper in grains
2 tea spoons of caster sugar
100g corn flour
4 egg whites slightly beaten
Peanut oil for frying
1 lime for serving

Cut the calamar heads into slices and cut the tentacules in half. Add the salt, pepper and sugar into a mortier or a spice mill and reduce it into a fine powder. Transfer this mix into a bowl, add the flour and mix it carefully.

Dip the calamars into the egg white, then into the seasoned flour. Fry them into a wok two minutes on a middle heat until crusty and golden. Repeat the operation.

Drain on kitchen roll. Serve the fried calamars together with lime quarters.